In the event that you are searching for a quick and dependable WordPress hosting supplier, you have gone to the correct spot. This BionicWP Web Hosting review covers the intricate details of this across the board (completely oversaw hosting + substance and code alters + white-name uphold) organization that is reclassifying WordPress hosting.

In this BionicWP Hosting review (2021 update), I will check BionicWP altogether and check whether it represents what it claims. Simply allow me ten minutes of your time, and I will offer you every one of the responses you need. Picking a WordPress hosting arrangement can be overwhelming particularly in the event that you are fledgling or new to the market. Hosting organizations would need to sell you their answers regardless of whether they are not pertinent to you. Since for them you are ‘simply one more client’ they can remove $$$ from.

BionicWP Web Hosting Overview

BionicWP is a new face in WordPress hosting, having begun in February 2020. It’s actually carrying out huge apparatuses and becoming famous.

Bionicwp Web Hosting Review

Presently, we at Hosting Tribunal are not the slightest bit contradicted to more modest autonomous organizations. Indeed, our examination shows more modest organizations frequently outflank a portion of the more settled ones.

BionicWP Web Hosting truly fits the pattern. It spends significant time in “genuinely oversaw” WordPress administrations. It flavors up the offer further with a huge load of devices WP website proprietors make certain to cherish. Hell, BionicWP goes head to head with WordPress monsters like WP Engine and Kinsta!

We should bring a profound crash into BionicWP’s offer and see whether it merits a spot among the best WordPress hosting suppliers.

General Information About BionicWP

When your worker is prepared, you can dispatch the application dashboard. The application dashboard has the very UI as that of the worker stage. Nonetheless, you will be intently dealing with your site execution, refreshes, additional items, and space settings.

BionicWP Web Hosting additionally offers admittance to SSH and FTP so you can make changes to the worker if and when required. A couple of oversaw hosting arrangements offer root-level admittance to the worker and BionicWP is one of them. You get total access utilizing the worker’s IP address. Basically, download Putty and you will actually want to access and cause changes to your high to process Google Cloud worker.

General Information

BionicWP Web Hosting likewise permits you to make changes to the WordPress center, subjects, and modules. At the point when you need to refresh your WordPress center variant, it will consequently appear in the application dashboard. Basically, click on update and your website will be naturally refreshed. In the event that you need the BionicWP to uphold group to do it for you, they will do it for a little charge of $25 just, since this is an extra with their hosting bundle.

BionicWP Web Hosting additionally offers day-by-day reinforcements to your website. You can download them to outsider distributed storage or to your PC. You get 30-days of reinforcement for every website facilitated on BionicWP.

Bionicwp Web Hosting Pricing



Bionicwp Pricing Plans

BionicWP offers really oversaw WordPress hosting to every one of its clients. It has reformist valuing. Along these lines, individuals who have more websites can get BionicWP hosting bundles for significantly less expensive.

1200005 GB50 GB$27.5/SITE$27.5/MON.
26520000130 GB1300 GB$15/SITE$390/MON.


Features of BionicWP Web Hosting

Features of BionicWP

Since you know a little about what BionicWP Web Hosting  has to bring to the table, the time has come to see how it can really help you take additional site the board work off your shoulders.

Genuinely Managed WordPress HostingWhat rings a bell when we talk about an oversaw WordPress hosting arrangement? A hosting arrangement that gives worker-level help and the board? An answer that suppliers both worker and application-level help and the board, or an answer that offers customizations to your application too? BionicWP offers each of the three!
Limitless altersRecruiting a VA for your everyday website alters can get exorbitant on occasion. Each storekeeper fantasies about setting aside so much excess money and spending it on some other relaxation movement. With BionicWP programming, that fantasy can turn into a reality.



Completely white-mark

Numerous WordPress organizations and specialists offer their own hosting answers for their customers. Presently, they can get BionicWP’s hosting arrangement and sell it as their own to their customers with BionicWP’s white name hosting highlight. Customers will get the total help offered by BionicWP hosting however the organization will show it as its own hosting arrangement and the end-client would at no time have the option to see BionicWP’s marking.
Ideal for Agencies/Businesses/Site-proprietorsBionicWP’s hosting arrangement offers a ton of exceptional website the executives include that can straightforwardly affect the business primary concern. By getting the hosting bundle alongside the genuinely overseen add-on (For simply an extra $25), entrepreneurs can appoint the humble errand to the BionicWP uphold group and spotlight on what they specialize in – business!


Also, organization proprietors will not need to deal with website executives and backing issues. All these will be appointed to the BionicWP uphold group. Already offices went through numerous hours day by day overseeing site-related issues. BionicWP’s WordPress overseen hosting arrangement doesn’t just set aside the time and cash yet additionally makes them more productive in business development.

Bionicwp Pros


BionicWP Web Hosting offers ensured page execution for all websites facilitated on the stage. It guarantees a 90+ page speed score on GTMetrix and Google Page Speed score.

The explanation for that is on the grounds that BionicWP Web Hosting utilizes Google Cloud – C2 High Compute Instances – for hosting all workers on the website. These are quick as well as they are the workers on which Google has its own applications. Thus, you can envision what speed and execution redesign you can anticipate.

2- Hack-Proofing Promise

Another advantage of getting BionicWP is that you can in a real sense get your website programmer confirmation. What’s more, If in one way or another your site gets hacked they will fix it free of charge.

How could it be conceivable? BionicWP Web Hosting guarantees that if your website is hacked by some obscure individual because of any explanation, they can get it back for you and reestablish all the information accessible on the website.

3- Limitless SITE EDITS

On the off chance that you are somebody who knows the strict significance of a “oversaw” hosting supplier, at that point, you would realize that most hosting organizations are lying when they guarantee an oversaw answer for your website.

BionicWP Web Hosting is the one in particular that I discovered close enough to offer what we call figured out how to have and that too through application-level alters.

4- WordPress Core, Theme, And Plugin Updates

That’s right that is how BionicWP helps you. It refreshes every one of your subjects, modules, and surprisingly the center WordPress establishment without you, in any event, advising it. The BionicWP dashboard naturally distinguishes WordPress center forms and auto-refreshes them.

5- Every day MALWARE SCAN

It is baffling to see your website getting infections. What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t have the correct instrument, you can only with significant effort dispose of malware and infections. BionicWP even makes that simpler.

With its day-by-day malware checking administration and WAF Firewall, you can undoubtedly get a report of your site wellbeing. The BionicWP stage will consequently check your website for malware and update you about its status.

6- Simple OF USE

BionicWP Web Hosting has made the entire hosting stage extremely simple to use for every one of its clients. Indeed, even those clients who have never utilized a cloud arrangement can without much of a stretch approach hosting their website and dealing with the entirety of its settings.

I had no issue in dispatching my first website worker, finding the hosting board and dashboard, and afterward entering the WordPress dashboard since everything is given at its place.

Bionicwp Cons

7- Addons Cost Separately

The fundamental hosting bundle by Bionic WP costs $27.5 each month. This is the least you can get for a cloud worker with 5GB of space.

Be that as it may, to get the total bundle including BionicWP speed and limitless site alters, the expense will increment to $50+.

8- No Email Hosting

Another shortcoming of BionicWP is that it doesn’t offer email hosting to its clients.


BionicWP Web Hosting offers genuinely oversaw WordPress hosting to every one of its clients. It has reformist estimating. In this way, individuals who have more websites can get BionicWP hosting bundles for much less expensive.




On account of all these energizing highlights, I am sold on the BionicWP oversaw hosting arrangement and I would prescribe it to any individual who is searching for a cloud hosting answer to deal with their WP websites.

  • Last month I moved to BionicWP Web Hosting from WPEngine and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Best decision I made, the customer service is top-notch, my site loads super-fast and migrating was a breeze (their support helped me with everything!). Definitely worth every penny. Highly recommended!! (JW, 2021)
  • I’m an agency owner running a handful of WordPress sites for clients in a competitive space. Late last year I migrated to Bionic (they did it for free) to get an edge with page speed against the competitors. They haven’t disappointed. As an added bonus – the site edits exceed expectations. I can now get small-is work done without having to reach out to my freelance developer. The service is top notch and support is fast, friendly and very helpful. I recommend it with no hesitations! (Mel, 2021)
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