Kinsta web hosting takes oversaw WordPress hosting and execution to the following level. Fueled by Google Cloud Platform and their lightning-quick “premium level” organization, WordPress clients can look over 20+ server farms around the world. Their auto-scaling and compartment innovation take into account total detachment of assets, guaranteeing your business stays internet during traffic floods and is gotten like Fort Knox. You’ll find a harmony of the brain with their hack fix ensure. Need assistance? They offer day in and day out help 365 days per year from their group of master WordPress engineers.

Kinsta is glad to be designer amicable contribution uphold for complex establishments like Bedrock, switch intermediary arrangements, with admittance to instruments like SSH and WP-CLI on all plans.

Kinsta Web Hosting Overview

Is it true that you are searching for the quickest WordPress web host? Would you like somebody to deal with keeping your WordPress site secure and supported up?

Kinsta Web Hosting Overview

Assuming this is the case, Kinsta could be only the overseen WordPress web host you’ve been searching for. In any case, don’t join at this time!

In this audit, we not just clarify precisely the different highlights you gain admittance to, yet we likewise uncover the stacking seasons of our test WordPress sites hosted by Kinsta. In addition, we likewise share what those stacking times are meant for when numerous guests access the locales simultaneously in our client reenactment tests. To survey the nature of Kinsta further, we additionally distribute the outcomes from our vacation checking tests too.

General Information

General Information

His segment of our Kinsta web hosting audit should address any inquiries you may have about the better focuses and specialized subtleties of this assistance before we proceed onward to the site speed, uptime, and execution test results:

Website cachingFour types of caching in place, including server-level caching and an in-house WordPress caching plugin.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)50 GB of KeyCDN usage per month on the entry-level Kinsta plan; more on the higher plans.
PHPSwitch between PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 at the touch of a button.
HTTP/2.0In use on the servers and the CDN.
SSLGet a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, or install your own.
SFTPSecure FTP access to your web space for uploading and editing files.
Server file managerNo online file manager; just FTP access to the server space.
Database accessphpMyAdmin is used to access the WordPress website database through a browser.
Email serviceNo email service on any of the Kinsta plans; G Suite is the recommended option.
WordPress website managementAbility to update plugins through the My Kinsta account dashboard, but no automatic plugin or WordPress core software updates.
Plugin restrictionsThere’s a list of banned plugins, including some caching, security, and optimization plugins that can affect website performance.
Security measuresLots of measures are in place to keep your site secure, including GeoIP blocking, DDoS scanning, proactively stopping malicious code entering the network, self-healing PHP, GCP firewall, plus more.
Post-hack clean up servicesIf your site is hacked while hosted by Kinsta, they’ll fix it for free.
Data center locations21 server locations to choose from, including options in Australia and South America, as well as multiple locations in the USA, Europe and Asia.
Staging sitesAll plans include access to a staging site with one-click deployment to the live site.
WordPress website migrationAvailable for free on all hosting plans.
Visitor analyticsView data on your website traffic through the My Kinsta dashboard.
Uptime checksThe status of your site is checked every five minutes to allow the support team to respond to any instances of downtime that are detected.
Support channelsA 24/7 live chat channel and ticketing system, but no telephone support.





All plans include free migrations and a hack fix guarantee.

STARTER$301 WordPress Installs2500010 GB disk space
PRO$602 WordPress Installs5000020 GB disk space
BUSINESS 1$1005 WordPress Installs10000030 GB disk space
BUSINESS 2$20010 WordPress Installs25000040 GB disk space
BUSINESS 3$30020 WordPress Installs40000050 GB disk space
BUSINESS 4$40040 WordPress Installs60000060 GB disk space
ENTERPRISE 1$60060 WordPress Installs1000000100 GB disk space
ENTERPRISE 2$90080 WordPress Installs1500000150 GB disk space
ENTERPRISE 3$1200120 WordPress Installs2000000200 GB disk space
ENTERPRISE 4$1500150 WordPress Installs30000000250 GB disk space


With regards to what’s frequently the calm enemy of hosting bills – overage charges – those are not that fierce with Kinsta. In the event that you go over your permitted data transfer capacity, you don’t get cut off or anything, yet get charged $1/1,000 visits. (Our past hosting arrangement was a VPS with 4TB of transmission capacity, so we didn’t actually need to stress over going over that.)


Eventually, if your site is adequately little, you ought to do approve with simply the free transfer speed in your Kinsta account, however, on the off chance that it’s a setup site, you will rapidly discover how minimal 100,000 or 200,000 UVs really is.

Initial Inpression Of Kinsta WordPress Hosting

In general, the impression has been positive, yet there were some minor issues en route. As a matter of first importance, the arrangement and the actual relocation were finished with no difficulty. One day the site was on Pagely, the other it was on Kinsta.

(By and by, I wasn’t engaged with the relocation cycle by any means, and the lone explanation I saw something had changed was that I was, sadly, altering a post right during the hour of the movement. So I tackled my job, saved everything, invigorated the page … and the progressions were no more. As it ended up, I worked on those progressions on the old form and afterward saw Kinsta’s the point at which I revived the entire thing.)

Just after the move, we saw a decent drop accordingly times, from around 400 ms to around 50 ms. The presentation was solid, no doubt, with recognizable upgrades in any event, while getting to the site physically with no estimating devices.

However, not to make the story excessively great, we likewise encountered some surprising personal time. Altogether, that vacation amounted to 1:30hover the range of only one month.

The Pros And Cons Of Kinsta Web Hosting

Kinsta’s edge lies in the reality its hosting administrations are fueled by Google Cloud’s exceptional organization, an incentive so charming that we truly couldn’t avoid scrutinizing Kinsta.

The Pros Of Kinsta Web Hosting


  1. Its Blazing Fast

As we as a whole know, the extent that sites go, speed is everything. A quicker page stacking time not just associates with higher changes, longer normal guest span, and diminished ricochet rates, yet in addition much better SEO. We’ve composed parts regarding the matter of speed here.

  1. Cloud-Based Infrastructure Built For Speed

Its most distinctive component is that it solely offers Google cloud worker hosting.

This makes its foundation essentially not quite the same as the customary common or committed hosting of its rivals.

  1. Comprehensive Software to Turbocharge You

The third genius? You got it – speed once more.

Kinsta is sustained with ‘speed-fixated engineering’ (their words, not our own) through innovations like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD programming compartments, and MariaDB.

We could fill pages discussing Kinsta’s different additional items and modules; however, one thing you’re unquestionably going to need to utilize is CDN.

  1. 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Uptime Guaranteed

Truth is told, Kinsta offers an SLA-upheld 99.9% uptime ensures.

This demonstration of approval is an unmistakable consequence of its cloud-hosting foundation. Cloud hosts commonly are significantly more solid at keeping sites on the web.

On the off chance that that is adequately not, Kinsta web hosting likewise combines this with persistent observing and uptime checks each moment. In the event that they neglect to address blunder reaction codes within 30 minutes, your record will be credited. This assurance remains constant, day in and day out, all year long.

  1. It’s (Nearly) Hands-Off

Like the name recommends, oversaw WordPress hosts ought to permit you to invest less energy agonizing over your site, and give you more opportunity to zero in on developing it.

Kinsta has a truly wide scope of highlights that give an enhanced climate to you to continue improving your site, without expecting to stress over specialized issues.

The Cons Of Kinsta Web Hosting

  1. Steep Price Point

Kinsta is an exceptional WordPress hosting arrangement. It, tragically, does likewise come appended to an exceptional sticker price.

The month-to-month cost is quite steep, with the standard level costing $30 per month. This goes as far as possible up to $900/mo in the cost for its top-level arrangement.

  1. No Email Hosting

There are likewise a few things that any site proprietor needs to completely set up and deal with a site that Kinsta, sadly, doesn’t right now offer.

  1. No Telephone Support

In contrast to the greater part of its rivals, Kinsta doesn’t at present offer telephone uphold for its clients.

For some individuals, there’s a sure solace in having the option to get the telephone and quickly examine your concern with a human voice.


  1. Performance of websites and their awesome support. Backups and security taken care of is truly a life saver. The team has been helpful when there have been issues which was due to a issue with a plugin conflict. (Neelesh,2020)
  2. Since Kinsta focuses on a specific niche, I believe they are doing a better job than other hosting providers. I can only judge based on my own experience with other services. I like that they keep up with the latest market trends, combine a great package of services so that I could focus on my business not hosting. (Kaspars,2021)
  3. I did my research and these guys live up to their reputation. I needed a hosting company that would help my web site with speed and with excellent tech support in real time and these guys fit that profile. The dashboard and functionality is very user friendly too. (Peter, 2021).




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